Top 5 Anti Copy WordPress Plugins to Protect Your Web Content

Top 5 Anti Copy WordPress Plugins to Protect Your Web Content

In website management, apart from needing system security encryption, you also need an anti-copy plugin so that content security encryption is protected. In addition, this plugin will also provide patents for the creation of content that you have uploaded on the website. So, what are the WordPress anti copy paste plugins?

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Main Functions of the Anti Copy Plugin

Before going into the discussion of the best WordPress plugin recommendations for the category of securing web content, here are some of the functions of a copy paste plugin for a website:

1. Secure Content Encryption

The function of the first anti-copy WordPress plugin is as a system that encrypts content on the website. Later, this plugin will secure website content in any form to avoid all forms of content theft.

2. Granting a Patent Right to a Content

Apart from functioning as a system that secures website content, this plugin also functions as a tool capable of granting patents in content creation. In other words, any party will not be able to claim the website content that you have created because it already has patent encryption.

5 Recommended Anti Copy WordPress Plugins

Now, after knowing the function of this website content security plugin, here are recommendations for anti-copy paste WordPress plugins that you can use:

1. Yoast SEO

One of the main problems in content theft lies in the auto posting system. In addition, for some websites that use special tools , they can re-release your content on other websites without changing the attributes on it.

In the Yoast SEO plugin, you can use a feature, namely RSS. With this feature, you can add web content directly in every post on the RSS feed that you have.

Regardless of the type of content, there will be a special code that allows users to add links and attributes to the RSS feed.

This code serves as an encryption security system for every post you publish. In addition, there will be a backlink to the original website every time the content is 'stolen'.

2. WP-Copy Protect

WP-Copy Protect is the best anti-copy plugin recommendation for websites that frequently experience content duplication. This plugin will protect web content from theft by disabling the right-click option for future visitors to your website.

Then, there is also the Inspect Element feature in Google Chrome which makes it difficult for other users to duplicate content from the website that you manage. Besides that, you don't need to worry about website ranking because of using this plugin.

Basically, all the tools in the WP-Copy Protect plugin do not affect web content SEO at all. So, the use of this plugin has no effect on the website's SEO system when working in search engines.

3. Copyright Proof

So, this WordPress anti-copying plugin is made specifically to protect website content as a whole, namely the Copyright Proof plugin.

This plugin will create a stamp in the form of a digital signature as well as a certificate stamp on every uploaded content on the website that uses it. This is of course very useful for securing website content, especially as copyright content ownership.

In addition, there are many options that you can set to customize the plugin, so that website content can later be uploaded according to your needs.

4. Secure Copy Content Protection

Secure Copy Content Protection is an anti-copas plugin available in two versions in the WordPress repository. Its function is to protect article writing or website content from plagiarism and content duplication.

There are various types of features in this plugin. Examples include the disable feature for various key shortcut combinations, disable left-click and right-click, disable CTRL + C and CTRL + V , and disable developer tools and the like.

Broadly speaking, this plugin is a system tool whose protection is more towards duplication. So, this anti-copy paste WordPress plugin will perform encryption in the form of a plagiarism checker and prevent the use of shortcut keys that allow website visitors to duplicate content.

5. WP Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection and No Right Click is an anti-copas plugin that will protect written content on your website. Apart from that, this plugin is also able to protect the homepage, website structure, and website posts by applying encryption techniques to the JavaScript and CSS programming languages.

This plugin can be the best recommendation for encrypting website content security because it is all-in-one. So, you can secure website content as well as protect against hacking attacks, especially those that refer to the website structure.

Do you understand the Website Content Protection Plugin?

So, those are 5 recommendations for WordPress anti-copy plugins for you. In essence, so that website content is more fully encrypted, this plugin is very important for you to use on the web structure. In addition, this plugin also functions as a copyright provider for uploaded content on a website.

18 November 2022


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