8 Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins in 2023

8 Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins

Using the best WordPress sitemap plugin, will certainly support your website's performance for the better. Because with the help of these tools, your website content will be indexed by Google faster. By choosing the best WordPress plugin, it will definitely help the website get to the top ranking faster.

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Best WordPress Sitemap Plugin Recommendations

Basically a sitemap is a tool that can help map all information, especially content, to make it easier for search engines in the crawling process. The function of this sitemap generator plugin is to increase website responsiveness to search engine needs, so the indexing process is faster.

So that you can get more optimal results, it's a good idea to choose the best sitemap plugin for you to use. Of the many existing sitemap plugins, there are several recommendations that are worth trying, namely:

1. Yoast SEO

The first plugin you should try is Yoast SEO, which provides all your SEO needs. The coverage is also comprehensive, starting from SEO for the entire site, for each page, to providing a sitemap in just one plugin.

Yoast SEO will map XML sites containing links to the content you create as soon as you activate it. Even the sitemap feature will automatically refresh the mapping every time you make changes, such as adding, editing, or deleting it.

Uniquely, you can access using this plugin free of charge, provided that your WordPress is already premium (connected to a personal domain). In fact, as a user you can also manage the entire mapping system and system restrictions.

2. All in One SEO

The next best WordPress sitemap plugin is All in One SEO, which offers a comprehensive SEO toolkit with over 2,000,000 active users. Even according to its users, this professional system is able to increase web search rankings, very easily.

With All in One SEO, you can automatically generate custom XML sitemaps for some of the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Bing and others. This SEO toolkit will automatically update information whenever you publish, update or delete content.

As a user, you get full access to customize the plugin, without learning coding. It even lets you include or exclude post types and prioritize top converting pages, to ensure smooth crawling and indexing processes.

3. Jetpack

Third, there is Jetpack which is included in the ranks of the best sitemap plugins for 2022. The reason is that with this SEO toolkit, you can overcome various challenges for WordPress in general, such as virgin security, performance, analytics, to SEO needs.

Even Automattic as the developer claims that this tool handles four different sitemaps, such as general maps, images, videos, and also news (for Google News). The display and how to use it are also quite practical, so it is very suitable for beginners.

Even though you still have to do indexing manually, this plugin system is quite capable. Not to mention that this plugin is available in both free and paid versions, so feel free to give it a try first.

4. Premium SEO Pack

If you are looking for a plugin with powerful sitemap generator plugin functionality, then Premium SEO Pack is one of the best solutions. In fact, the license price of this best WordPress sitemap plugin is only $44. You can enjoy a variety of useful features that are very efficient for improving website SEO.

By subscribing to this one toolkit, you don't have to bother updating index data. Because the system will automatically create a comprehensive sitemap, which includes adding content, pages, images and videos. In fact, you can choose to include or exclude some content as needed.

Apart from that, you can also try detailed page optimization features, internal link building features and even other automated systems to improve your link network. Not to mention the image optimization feature to help increase traffic through images.

5. Simple Sitemap

With this one plugin, you as a user can create a responsive HTML sitemap, without having to learn coding first. Because, this tool helps you do mapping through an easy interface for you to apply.

This plugin, which recently completely overhauled the system and added several new features, is already used by more than 80,000 active users. You can enjoy various features such as creating a visual sitemap, live preview, intelligent script handling, and many more.

Functionally, this Simple Sitemap deserves to be included in the ranks of the best WordPress sitemap plugins. Even just by entering relevant shortcodes for posts, pages, and some custom post types, the system can work to its full potential.

6. SEO Ultimate

In the sixth row, there is SEO Ultimate, which is available in both free and paid versions. Like the others, the system of this tool is automated with complete and qualified features.

Even as a user, you get access to various SEO needs, starting from meta control, alt, slug, title, description, 404 monitoring, auto linking, and many more. So it's no wonder, there are already more than 2 million users of this plugin who have experienced various benefits while using it.

7. Companion Sitemap Generator

Next is the Companion Sitemap Generator, one of the best WordPress sitemap plugins for big companies. The reason is that with only one plugin, you can create and handle 2 types of mappings, namely HTML and XML at once.

This tool includes a type of XML-based external plugin that is able to support faster performance than other types of sitemaps in general.

In terms of features, the Companion Sitemap Generator plugin is certainly very capable with an all-automated system. In fact, this sophisticated plugin also provides multi-language sitemap support, so the opportunity to increase SEO ranking will be even greater.

8. SEOPress

If you want to maximize web traffic with an easy and fast automated sitemap, SEOPress is worth a try. The reason is, this one plugin can make it easier for users in all their SEO needs, starting from migrating posts as well as meta data.

Even though the appearance of this plugin is quite simple and easy for you to understand, SEOPress still provides tour and help features to help you if you encounter a problem at any time. In fact, this plugin also provides social media sharing features which will further support increased traffic.

Which WordPress Sitemap Plugins Have You Tried?

So, those are some of the best WordPress sitemap plugins that you can try to find which one is the best for your business website. Like whatever the appearance and type of web mapping plugin is, it will certainly be very helpful to increase the chances of becoming a top ranking website through the ease of crawling and indexing processes.

From the list of plugin recommendations that you have read above, which one would you choose? Whatever your choice, make sure the plugin can help optimally optimize the website.

18 November 2022


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