5 WordPress Payment Confirmation Plugins for Online Stores

5 WordPress Payment Confirmation Plugins for Online Stores

Along with online business trends, using the WordPress payment confirmation plugin is a very important tool on the website to make online transactions easier. Apart from facilitating transactions, the presence of this plugin is also very useful for managing customer data and determining business turnover.

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5 Best WordPress Payment Confirmation Plugins

To make your online shop website more efficient, here are the 5 best WordPress plugins for the payment transaction category. Check out the full explanation!

1. WooCommerce

First, WooCommerce is present as a transaction plugin which can be a recommendation for managing your online shop website . If you know how to create an online store or have studied marketplaces and e-commerce, then of course you are already familiar with this plugin.

This free WooCommerce payment confirmation plugin has received over 5 million downloads for websites worldwide. In fact, the features offered are also very diverse. Starting from the seller notification feature, product management, to sales records, you can access it through this plugin.

Apart from that, the transaction feature in WooCommerce is also very easy to use, because there is a payment gateway system and the presence of a receipt printing feature when a transaction is complete.

2. Tonjoo

Second, Tonjoo is a free payment confirmation plugin which is highly recommended for those of you who want to manage your online shop professionally. With this plugin, you can create a transaction page that contains payment data and the types of goods that have been sold.

In addition, there are other features that will optimize your online store website, such as real-time payment notifications, email notifications, order page integration, and so on.

There are many payment methods in the Tonjoo plugin which are connected to various e-wallets and banks in India. Then, the Tonjoo installation process is also very fast and easy. In fact, Tonjoo also has an easy-to-use interface so that users can easily access it.

3. Ninja Form Plugin

The next free payment confirmation plugin recommendation is the Ninja Form Plugin. By using the Ninja Form Plugin, you won't just experience the payment transaction feature. However, there are other features that you can use to manage your online store website more efficiently.

These features include layout customization, multi-page columns, and a real-time direct notification feature to your cellphone when a transaction is successful. Apart from that, the plugin, which has been downloaded by more than 900,000 websites worldwide, also offers a very easy installation process.

Unlike other plugins, Ninja Form Plugin offers an installation process by simply adding the extension to your WordPress website. Then, the installation process will run automatically and you only need to fill in the type of website you manage. Easy, right?

4. Epeken All Courses

Furthermore, there is a domestically made WordPress payment confirmation plugin, namely Epeken All Kurir. Even though it is somewhat less popular, Epeken All Kurir offers a myriad of interesting features at a very low price.

In fact, Epeken All Kurir is not just a plugin tool for payment transactions. However, you can use this plugin for online store optimization thanks to its various other features. These features include shipping costs, integration with various expedition services, receipt check features, and so on.

Epeken All Kurir also offers a very easy installation process. In addition, the transaction features in this plugin are quite complete. Epeken All Kurir has been integrated with various e-wallets and private banks throughout India.

5. Contact From Seven Plugin

Finally, a free payment confirmation plugin comes from the Contact From Seven Plugin. This free plugin offers simple features for free and is perfect for those of you who are managing online store websites who are still in the beginner stage.

In the Contact From Seven Plugin, you will only get features in the form of payment transactions. However, this plugin has been integrated with all banks and e-wallets in India. So, for a free plugin, Contact From Seven Plugin is one of the best recommendations for your online store.

Determine Plugins According to Website Needs!

So, that's a line of WordPress payment confirmation plugins for online shop websites. You need to know, before installing additional plugins or tools on WordPress, it's a good idea to first adjust it to the type of website you have. In addition, also consider the features contained in the plugin.

24 November 2022


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